Best time to trek to Everest Base Camp

everest-trek-to-base-campOne of the most beautiful destinations on earth, the Everest region is characterised by towering mountains and lush valleys.

However, deciding when to trek to Everest Base Camp very much depends on what you enjoy.

For trekkers who enjoy the warmer weather, there are two main trekking seasons – February through to May and September through to November.

Peak seasons

February – May

February to May is an extremely popular period due to the warm weather and flowering plants. Although occasional showers do happen during this period, the weather is generally mild and views excellent! The rhododendrons that explode in colour during this period are certainly a mesmerising sight.

September – October

September to October is the most popular trekking period of the year because these months are the warmest in Nepal. Thus is also the period where the view are a their most clear. Unlike other periods, the night temperature are not super cold and trekking in the day is very pleasant. The only down side of this period though is the crowds on the trails. Trekking at other times is far more peaceful – although colder!

Off-peak season

November – January

November through to January is by far the coldest period in Nepal and you’ll need to be fairly hardy to trek in freezing conditions. Although cold, the weather is fairly stable with rain being less frequent than one might imagine. This is by far the least busy period of the year to trek in and you’ll have many of the trails to yourself!

June – August

June through to August is by far the wettest period of the year with the monsoon rains pelting the mountainous regions. Yeah horses and trails are fairly empty and you’ll need to be okay with trekking in wet conditions. If you can only trek during this period, h=the best option is to trek with rain-shadow areas such as the Annapurna’s where the monsoon rains do not hit as hard.

Nepal is a fantastic region to trek and whatever the season you choose, you’ll be completely mesmerised by the giant snow-capped peaks and beautiful lowland lakes. The people are friendly, the food is hearty and you’ll love every step you take.

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