Flight information for Mount Kilimanjaro trekkers

flying-to-kilimanjaroClimbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a big financial commitment. After your tour price, the biggest expense is your flight to Kilimanjaro.

Situated in Northern Tanzania, the Kilimanjaro National Park has two airports in its near vicinity – the first is Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is due south-west of the mountain and by far the most convenient and well-served airport. The second is Arusha airport which is situated not far from Arusha town, south-west of Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately the airport is limited to domestic flights only.

This means that if you are travelling from outside of Tanzania, the best airport to fly into is Kilimanjaro International Airport (IATA code: JRO).

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of direct flights to this airport and absolutely none from the United Kingdom or United States.

For those who like convenience, the best way to get to Kilimanjaro from Europe is to fly KLM via Amsterdam, direct to Kilimanjaro Airport. This flight flies every day and departs around 10am, arriving in Tanzania around 9pm.

The route is popular so booking early is key if you want to ensure a good price.

Alternatively, there are two other international flights to fly direct to Kilimanjaro International Airport. They are Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, which works great for Europeans and trekkers travelling from the Middle East, and Qatar Airways via Doha in Qatar. The Turkish airlines flight does not run daily and it’s flight schedule has the plane arriving at 2am in Kilimanjaro, which often necessitates an extra hotel night, hence negating any cost reductions on the ticket price.

Two popular connecting flights are those that go through Nairobi in Kenya and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Both Kenya Airways and Ethiopia Airways run these routes from many of the main airport hubs around the world. British Airways from London, UK also operates a route via Nairobi. Once at these connecting airports it is relatively easy to catch a short flight to Kilimanjaro airport using Precision Air or another domestic airline.

Be warned though that delays and lost / delayed baggage on these flights via Kenya and Ethiopia are quite common. As a precaution we recommend wearing your hiking boots on the plane and carrying any important gear in your carry-on luggage.

Finally, if you are planning to visit Zanzibar for a beach break after your climb we recommend you book an open jaw ticket that takes you back via Dar Es Salaam.

For more information on flights – see flying to Kilimanjaro.

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