Which Golf Rangefinder Have I Chosen?

golf-rangefindersA while a ago I wrote about the minefield of the golf equipment industry. As someone relatively new to the game there are literally so many different clubs to consider. The sheer range of golf drivers, golf irons, golf putters and general golf accessories is just astounding. Not only are their multiple models, but there must be at least 40-50 major brands!

Anyway, after much research using sites like Golf Guide for Beginners, I managed to settle on a full golf club set and bag.

Now that my game has improved (yes, I’m now playing off a consistent 18 handicap), I have decided to buy a golf rangefinder!

If you haven’t heard of this technology and you play golf then you are in for a treat. Basically a rangefinder allows you to get accurate readings to any target on the course. Gone are the days of measuring out distances from stakes or sprinkler heads, and then correctly for pin position. Now it is possible to use a laser golf rangefinder to accurately get a distance within 1 yard accuracy.

The technology in rangefinders has come along so much that not only can you get a reading from over 250 yards away (with most rangefinders), but some will even correct for slope. As you can probably appreciate if the target is above you the actual distance to the target can appear short than it really is, and indeed vice versa.


Some rangefinders also come with Pin Seeking technology, so basically a soft target like a golf flag can get a lock-on reading despite obstacles in the foreground and background (like trees or branches)!

Other cool features in some rangefinders include a jolt function, which basically means the device jolts when it locks onto a target. This gives a great sense of confidence when you get a reading that you have locked onto the right target.

And many devices also have GPS that you can cross reference with known GPS data on a golf course.

The rangefinder that I decided to go with is middle of the range in terms of performance and price, but probably one of the best value options. It is the Bushnell V4 Slope and Jolt Rangefinder. Bushnell are undoubtedly one of the leaders in the golf rangefinder market, and with the V4 they have designed a rangefinder that is compliant with USGA rules but has flexibility features that can be turned on when not playing in a tournament to get more out of the rangefinder.

So far I am super happy with the V4 Rangefinder, it has exceeded my expectation in terms of performance and has definitely help me make better golf course management decisions.

Now I just need to knock more shots off my game.

If you are interested in the Bushnell V4 then I found this review super helpful.

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