A quick look at the Golf Ball Industry

golf-balls-beginnersThere are many many different golf ball manufacturers out there. Some have been around for decades. Others have done a quick in and out spell where perhaps they thought the industry was easier than what it really is. Let’s name the fixed players quickly.

Titleist. Owned by Acushnet and undoubtedly the number one player in the golf ball market.

Srixon. They’ve only actually been around for about 20 years, but they have become hugely popular amongst beginners, novices and professionals. A side range of options that cater to any level and their number one ball across the board is the AD333. We actually came across this review which ranks it as one of the 5 best golf balls for beginners.

Taylormade, Callaway, Top Flite, Nike. They make up the balance of popular golf manufacturers.

I remember back in the day there used to be Tour Edition and a clear memory was Nick Price who used it. He also won the Million Dollar challenge using that golf ball. Amazing how a certain brand sticks in your head and you know exactly which player uses it. Ie. what brand does Tiger Woods play with??

Then there was Rextar. Nick Falso used to use it. Fanny Suneson and him were playing around the world using Mizuno clubs whilst he was number one in the world. Just goes to show it’s the player that counts! Not the equipment or golf ball.

What about Slazenger? Steve Ballesteros used Slazenger and my goodness me were those golf balls soft! Honestly felt like chewing gum that you were hitting! The grooves on the club face used to chew the golf ball up properly!

I used to use Strata back in the day and those were also very soft. A favorite thing of mine when I was 13 was to tee up a wedge and smash it as hard as I possibly could from 60 yards away in order to try spin it as much as possible. Especially after it had rained a lot. We’d be more worried about pacing off the yards of spin from our pitch marks rather than caring about our actual scores! Aaah the beauty of being a young golfer.

One other big brand that seemed to fall by the wayside was Maxfli. They tried making a comeback but was short lived. Pity!

Anyway my suggestion is sticking to the primary players and you can’t go wrong. Read that best golf balls for beginners review (http://www.golfassessor.com/best-golf-balls-for-beginners/) and find out all the benefits and you’ll thank me later!

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