Top Three Places to Visit in Bhutan

bhutanBhutan is one of the most fascinating places in the world! It’s one of the only carbon sinkholes on earth, the government base their economic scale on happiness and 60% of the country must be forested at all times.

Thanks to strict controls, tourists do not overwhelm the country and the peaceful and timeless feel of Bhutan is still strong. Trails are empty, tourist spots are vibrant and the locals are always on hand to help. In short, if you have not thought about visiting Bhutan, then you should!

To help you get the most out of your trip to Bhutan, we have listed our top three destinations to visit!

Taktsang Monastery

Without doubt the most photographed location in Bhutan and possible the most photographed monastery in the world, Taktsang monastery sits high up the face of cliff looking like it almost defies gravity! Known as the ‘Tigers Nest’, the monastery is closely linked with Guru Padmasambhava who is believed to have introduced Buddhism to Bhutanese culture. You’ll need to be fit to visit the monastery though as it’s a 2,000 feet climb to reach the building! The views from the top and the interior architecture certainly make the climb worth it though!

Phobjika and Gangtey Valley

Both Phobjika and Gangtey Valley are incredibly beautiful and should be on anyone itinerary list, particularly for wildlife lovers! The Gangtey Valley is home to one of Bhutan’s most graceful and endangered birds – the Black-necked Crane. The cranes migrate to the valley each year from their northern home in Tibet to winter in Bhutan. If you’re keen on seeing the shy and rare birds, then your best bet is to visit between November and early March. If you come in November then you’ll also be able to attend the marvellous Black-necked Crane festival!

The Buddha Dordenma

Located within the ancient ruins of Kuensel Phodrang, home to the 13th Dresi Druk – Sherab Wangchuk, the Buddha Dordenma is one of the newest installations in Bhutan and was only completed in 2015. Costing over a 100 million dollars, the enormous Buddha statue stands at 169 feet (51.5 meters) and is entirely gilded in gold! Inside the Buddha statue stands over 25,000 smaller Buddha statues which are all solid bronze and gilded in gold! Visitors to the statue will be overwhelmed with its size and also get fantastic views of the surrounding valleys.

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